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Madman Production Company and Epic Films are seeking applications for Million Dollar Babies, a low budget feature film development workshop for South Australian writers and writer/directors. Million Dollar Babies will focus on developing projects that have the potential to find audiences both here and internationally, and extend the careers of their writers and directors.

The Million Dollar babies workshop will take place over 4 days and take an innovative, lean and intensive approach to hothousing story ideas whilst providing practical insight into the commercial realities of production and distribution. At least one project from the workshop will be contracted for funded development with Epic Films and Madman Production Company. All participants will depart with a focused development plan and a clear market pathway for their project.

Shortlisted participants will have the opportunity to discuss their projects with Madman and Epic Films before the workshop, so that mentors and workshop subjects can be tailored to the development needs of the successful applicants.

For details of eligibility, key dates and application requirements, please see our guidelines (download here).

Million Dollar Babies is supported by the South Australian Film Corporation’s Seed Company Development Funding Initiative.

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Stage One applications should be submitted via email to epic@epicfilms.com.au, and are due by 5pm on Monday the 11th of January, 2016. Application materials are as follows:

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Note: If you are having trouble downloading the guidelines and application form from the above links, or would prefer a Word version of the application form, please use this Dropbox link to access the materials.



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