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Thank you for helping us to spread the word about the Australian cinema release of A MONTH OF SUNDAYS.

The first weekend at the box office will play a huge role in how long the film will stay in cinemas, and every extra ticket sale helps!

Below is a list of ways to spread the word about the film, along with resources you can share.

If you have any questions along the way, please email amonthofsundaysfilm@gmail.com or call Louise (Marketing Assistant) on 0438 280 561 or Kirsty (Producer) on 0422 433 543.

We’d also love to hear about what you’ve done to help, or any feedback you receive, so please let us know!

1. Take a friend to see the film. A list of the 40 cinemas showing A Month of Sundays around Australia is available at http://www.amonthofsundaysfilm.com.au/cinemas

2. Take a group to see the film. RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE to see a list of the group discounts available at South Australian cinemas, or ask at your local cinema.

3. Post the trailer on social media with a couple of sentences about what you thought of the film. Copy and paste this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oA1YkaH80Xk

4. Post an image on social media, and encourage people to go and see the film. There are several options to choose from at this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r5vpvqj6vhyaqfk/AABJKonh8dPh7M41jyEYWdrfa?dl=0

5. Send an email to some friends, telling them how much you liked the film. Explain that it won’t be in cinemas for long and encourage them to go and see it.

6. If you know someone with a blog, website or social media page with a lot of followers, ask if they’d like to do a ticket giveaway. Put them in contact with us at amonthofsundaysfilm@gmail.com and we can arrange for an in season double pass for them to share with their readers.

7. Like the A MONTH OF SUNDAYS Facebook page and share some of our posts: http://www.facebook.com/amonthofsundays

8. Use the hashtag #amonthofsundays on Instagram and Twitter. Let everyone know what you thought of the film.

9. Print some of our “Phillip Lang Real Estate” advertising flyers and do a letterbox drop on your street. We have different versions available for each city, so right click and save the relevant version below.


10. Take a coloured flyer for A MONTH OF SUNDAYS from your local cinema and display it at your work on this border. (Right click here and save to download).

11. Share one of the film’s great reviews with your friends. Here are some of our favourites:

12. Get in touch with a local community group and encourage them to arrange a group screening with the information in #2. Ideas could include service groups such as Lions or Rotary, a book club, a seniors group or even your local real estate agent.

13. Share this letter from Director Matthew Saville. (Right click here and save to download).

If you think of any other ideas, we’d love to hear them! Thanks so much again for your support.

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