Our four-part Australian children’s drama series First Day will now reach audiences in the United States, after being bought by Disney-owned streaming service Hulu.

US audiences can stream the full series exclusively on Hulu as of Thursday September 3rd 2020.

First Day stars young transgender actor Evie Macdonald as Hannah Bradford, who is about to start her first year of high school. As a transgender girl, Hannah not only has to navigate the challenges that come with starting a new school but find the courage to live as her most authentic self.

Bernadette O’Mahony, ACTF Executive Producer and Head of Production said: “We are delighted that Hulu have embraced First Day, and that children and families across the US will get to see this important and entertaining series, as well as get to see Evie’s fantastic performance as Hannah.”

Watch First Day on Hulu here:


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