New Co-Production & Development Deals Signed for Wastelander Panda

We are thrilled to announce that Epic Films has entered into a co-production deal with Madman Production Company and together, we have signed a development deal with the ABC and the South Australian Film Corporation to create new episodes of Wastelander Panda!

Initial development will comprise a new web series of six ten-minute episodes that will focus on the period of time between the episodes Isaac and Rose and Arcayus and Rose. The series tells the story of Isaac and Arcayus’ estrangement, and Isaac and Rose’s journey through the Wasteland. We’ll also be working on the narrative for the full television series we hope to make, centering around Arcayus and Rose’s story.

Download and read our press release here.

For more information, please visit our blog post on the Wastelander Panda website.


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