[vc_heading title=”ATSE Tender: Examples of Work”]

Kirsty Stark and Stephen de Villiers’ previous work spans a range of styles, lengths and budget levels, ranging from intimate interviews shot in half a day, to scripted international campaigns. Below are some examples of work across this spectrum, created together and separately.

[vc_gap][vc_heading title=”TAFE SA – Adele” type=”h2″]
[vc_heading title=”Be Yourself – Heather Day” type=”h2″]
[vc_heading title=”QFA – The Story of Australian Wagyu” type=”h2″]
[vc_heading title=”Cobham Aviation Recruitment” type=”h2″]
[vc_heading title=”SA Power Networks – Gender Diversity” type=”h2″]
[vc_heading title=”Lend Lease New York” type=”h2″]
[vc_heading title=”Study Adelaide – Donna” type=”h2″]
[vc_heading title=”Thomas Food International” type=”h2″]

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